Why Continue Your Graduate Session During COVID-19?

I’m encouraging all college students at Norfolk State University (NSU), Old Dominion University (ODU), Christopher Newport University (CNU), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and many more to continue the show.

We are 100% completely safe and sanitary during our graduate sessions. These sessions involve no touching, we keep our distance (6ft and greater), we wear protective gear (masks, gloves, etc) and we bring hand sanitizer to share for usage during the session after touching surfaces and objects!

Have Your Graduation Been Cancelled and/or Postponed?

If your graduation has been cancelled or postponed there’s still safe ways to celebrate YOU and your achievement. Most importantly I want you to understand we are pushing for this because this is something YOU deserve. Trust me I get it, we are in a crisis but we have to adopt and adjust. There will be a brighter tomorrow and you don’t want the pressures of today to make you regret your decisions later down the road.

Graduate Sessions Are Bigger Than You

Graduating from high school and college is not something to make light of. This isn’t jus a brief moment to celebrate yourself, some people never graduate and/or go to college. I was a first generation college student and trust me it impacts your family and hometown friends different when they see your inspiring drive and accomplishments.

All to often we live in the moment and it fades away shortly after, make it lasts and make it count. Today’s the day to take action and book your graduate session.


As a reminder we will be adding a FREE “special thanks” video to all of our packages so you can shout out those special family members who would’ve been in attendance on graduation day.


If you are still looking for a great gift to celebrate your child outside of the photo session please stop by and grab them a timeless piece from Talley and Twine. It’s their time and what better gift to give someone transitioning from the collegiate world to the workforce. Make time, appreciate it and make the most of it.

Also during these times a fraction of the proceeds will be donated to doctors and nurses fighting COVID-19 with every purchase from Talley and Twine, they’ve partnered with Direct Relief.

God bless and continue to stay safe.

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