Our Style
"We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."- Katie Thurmes

Our approach for photographing weddings is to tell the story of the wedding day like a fly on the wall. We tend to let the events unfold naturally as we capture the real reactions through the wedding day, while ensuring that we capture all the intricate details, happiness and fun. When the timing is right, we also mix in a bit of traditional approach to direct our brides and grooms under the best light and angles for beautiful yet natural portraits.  It is important to be able to be flexible and balance the right amount of photojournalism, spontaneity, and traditional wedding photography for different brides and grooms with unique personalities. The day passes by so fast, and in the years after the wedding, we want our brides and grooms to be able to reflect back on the day and remember all the little details through our wedding photos.

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