To Britni and Ryan,


Thank you both for being an ideal couple to work with at the beautiful Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach. From start to finish you guys were amazing and your family and friends added to that value on your wedding day. The love you have for each other is so beautiful and there’s still no words to explain just how heartfelt both your energies are. It has been said before and I will tell you again I wish every client came to me as prepared, friendly and truly in love as much as you two are.

Engagement Flashback:

Following our engagement session I just knew come wedding day we would have a wonderful time! And you guys didn’t disappoint, Britni I’m still amazed at how well you planned out your wedding day. You truly have a calling in this field if you’re ever looking for a career change. You know where you can come. Ryan you simply are a wonderful human being and I can see why Britni love your character as a man. It makes all the more sense why you serve and protect our community as a diligent police officer.


Being surrounded around so many family and friends on your big day is something I always emphasize. “Having the right people around to celebrate” is how I put it. It’s like you guys handpicked the best people in the world to party with. I usually wish everyone well but after witnessing you guys union I know luck is something you both don’t need. May you both have many years filled with love and happiness. It was truly my pleasure being able to capture your wedding photos! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!


Ceremony: St John the Apostle Catholic Church

Venue: Virginia Beach, Hunt Club Farm

Photographer: Josh Boone Photography

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