Typing this still doesn’t feel real but I’ve finally photographed my FIRST DESTINATION WEDDING. I mean this experience was everything I dreamed of. 

I couldn’t have imagined this experience with any other couple. Sarai and Alonzo from the moment I met you both I knew I wanted to photograph your wedding. 

I could just sense something was different about you two. You both have the most beautiful spirits and union I have witnessed in a long time. The balance you both provide to each other is something I truly admire. 

Thank you for taking us to Ocho Rios Jamaica, the Moon Palace Resort was indescribable. I have been craving the jerk chicken since I’ve been back!

But in all seriousness thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a huge moment for a photographer and to have it so early on is nothing but God. I thank you for the memories we made and the moments you both made possible to capture. I will never forget this moment and I will never forget you two! Thank you and God bless!

Now let’s get this wedding featured!!!

Destination: Ocho Rios Jamaica

Venue: Moon Palace Resort

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