Jessica what can I say this has been a long journey to say the least, it seems like yesterday we were just doing your undergraduate photos at ODU and here we are 2 years later. At Morgan State University during a pandemic leaving with your masters. Proud is an understatement, but this showed me how diligent you are as a person.

You called me and said “Josh I know all this is going on but I still want to continue” and it was in that statement I got a better glimpse of who you were as a person. You’re consistent, focused, and no obstacle shakes you from your original course and I love that about you. It seems like everytime we are together we are photographing an accomplishment or talking about the next one we will tackle.

Thank you for your perseverance during this time, you’re continued service and support means more than you’ll ever know. You are what I consider the ideal client, we worked together once and now we are family! Thank you for being amazing and for changing the lives of so many youths in your field. You are impactful and you are full of purpose, continue on your life journey.

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