Negus the GREAT,

Man this moment is such an honor for me. When we first met, you had a head full of hair and you was full of ambition. The only thing that has changed from then and now is your hair.

It’s a blessing seeing you take strides to get to this specific point in your life and career. At Old Dominion University I seen how diligently you would work at perfecting yourself. I admired your dedication and drive, it’s that unique characteristic about you that’s going to take you places. I can recall one conversation we had during my undergrad years and you would constantly tell me how you would be working ahead of the syllables and I would think to myself this dude is really on something. But in that you taught me how to always stand ready, you kept a clear schedule so you could have a open slot for opportunity and I’m here to tell you your preparation has finally met opportunity.

To all other graduates debating on continuing or even doing a session due to COVA-19. I encourage you all the more because this is just another defying moment in your journey.

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