You all have asked and we are finally offering wedding videography moving forward!

Thank you Katrina and Chase for entrusting me with this moment and just being there to share this experience with you both! Katrina you truly was the missing link to the team. What you brought to every wedding or event will be missed. Who’s going to steal the snacks for us now lol. But in all seriousness you will be missed greatly but I’m glad you finally got your Prince Charming. At every wedding you would say you couldn’t wait for someone to look at you the way these grooms look at their bride. And you manifested Chase right into your life.

Chase my guy, you got a heart of gold and I’m thankful Katrina is protected and entrusted with someone like yourself. I watch how you love and communicate with her and I appreciate your level of love and patience that you constantly display.

I know wherever you two go you’ll be alright because you found what you needed in each other. I wish you both a life time of happiness, drunk moments, and a tribe of little Chase babies!

Thank you,

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