Our Best Engagement Locations:

For some finding the best engagement location is a daunting tasks. I wanted to put a lot of future brides mind at ease and provide a lists of engagement locations. Below I will highlight some of my favorite engagement locations in the Hampton Roads and Richmond area including: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and Richmond. Each of these locations have their own kind of special uniqueness that will add so much personal value to your engagement photos.

Norfolk Botanical Garden Engagement Photos

This is by far my top selection when anyone comes to me trying to decide on or asks do I have a recommended engagement location. Norfolk Botanical Garden offers some of the best natural backdrops you can find in the Hampton Roads area. There staff seems to always know the “go to” spots or what flowers are blossoming which adds so much to your engagement photos. This location is also one of my favorites because we offer outfit changes. Having a location with so many diverse looks will help you, and your feet, so much during your engagement session. That is something I also recommend when looking for various locations, take into consideration the time it’ll take to drive or walk in between locations. Finding a location that offers multiple backgrounds saves time and energy. Taking advantage of the outfit changes also adds value to your home decor by not just having all wedding photos hanging up. Norfolk Botanical Garden is recommended to anyone who loves the floral and historic background.

Norfolk Pagoda Garden Engagement Photos

Norfolk Pagoda Garden, another hometown favorite that I love to utilize for engagement sessions. This location is so vibrant and clean I’ve never had a couple disappointed in it. The Pagoda Garden is filled with little personally touches that will add a little flare to your photos and if you color coordinate with the building I promise all of your friends will be jealous of your photos. The Pagoda Garden is also near Nauticus, waterside, and downtown Norfolk so if you’re looking for a location that offers multiple backdrops in walking distance this is definitely the engagement location for you.

Downtown Portsmouth Engagement Photos

Downtown Portsmouth is really a hidden gem for engagement locations. It has a historic olde towne feel to and I highly recommend it as well to any couple looking for a more casual backdrop for their engagement photos. With it being a downtown area you have the busy background, as well as parks and boating docks which is in walking distance. The Renaissance Hotel is in walking distance as well as a lot of local eateries like Roger Browns. I encourage couples to go to locations that speak to them. Whether it’s a first date or a location you two spend a lot of time at. More mom and pop shops are allowing and encouraging engagement photos in their space so take advantage of the connections and make your engagement photos more memorable.

First Landing State Park Engagement Photos

First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach is number 3 on my favorites lists because just like Botanical it offers various looks and backdrops. This location seems to be always in season for engagement photos as well. Just be mindful during the warmer season to bring a can of off or any other bug spray repellant. I’ve suffered enough mosquito bites from this location so trust me on this one. The great thing about this location is that it is in walking distance to the residential side of the beach. So if you’re a lover of the beach and a trail First Landing State Park is your engagement location.

Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Photos

Colonial Williamsburg is another great location for engagement photos that I recommend. One of those reasons being the rich historical value it has and the various locations you have just in walking distance. Colonial Williamsburg became one of my favorite locations because there’s always something goin on. Whether if it’s a festival, a local celebration or a holiday, Colonial Williamsburg always have a treat up there sleeve when it comes to what they will be doing. All of their surprises can add a uniqueness to your engagement photos. And the food is amazing I haven’t been let down yet, so if you’re also looking for a nice place to eat after the session, that’s in walking distance too!

Richmond Canal Walk Engagement Photos

I want to say this was a hard pick because you honestly can’t go wrong with any engagement location you select in Richmond, Virginia. But Canal Walk and I have history ha. We’ve had multiple sessions here and we always love doing engagement photos there. Canal Walk offers so many different backdrops ranging from vibrant street art to a more relaxed park setting. So it’ll give you that natural date night atmosphere to your engagement photos. And once again the best thing is all of it is in walking distance. I highly recommend this location to anyone that connects to or appreciates street art like graffiti murals. I promise you it will not disappoint.

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