Norfolk Pagoda Garden Engagement Photos:

Wow! What a way to kick off our first engagement session of the new year. It makes it even better that it was with Troy and Christinia, not only is it a privilege to have captured and created these moments with you but I count it a blessing. Being able to witness so many unions every year in this industry makes it all the better when you see a familiar face going through those pre wedding day steps. Things such as planning, the many phone calls, and the countless bridal shows. But you guys simply killed it, from the locations, to the outfits, to your overall chemistry in front of the camera. I can tell you two are excited for your wedding day and I wish you all the best!!

S/N: Half Moone weddings never disappoint so keep the tradition alive ha!

Engagement Photos Locations: Norfolk Pagoda Garden, Half Moone, and Waterside District

The Importance of an engagement session:

The engagement session is extremely important leading up to your wedding day and I encourage everyone I work with to take advantage of the engagement session. (Which is also why they’re complimentary to your wedding package if you select us). It’s during this process you get to experience some of those same wedding day butterflies. Being able to slow down time and just exhale. These moments are also important because the wedding day comes so fast and you want to make all of these memories lasts. Years from now you’ll be able to show your kids and grandkids your engagement session. It may possibly encourage or inspire them to utilize the same location and ideas. I’ve done countless recreations that were inspired by a mothers old wedding photo. The engagement session also gives you a chance to personalize and diversify the imagery you can have in your home. So take advantage of the time and make your memories last you a life time and not just a moment in time.

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