Bridal Portrait Session:

Heather’s bridal portrait session went amazing! From start to finish I loved capturing and creating every moment. Heather thank you for entrusting me with your precious memories and your beautiful surprise for JP, I hope he shed a tear or two. Thank you Dwight and Jane for allowing us to utilize your beautiful home. It’s not everyday I’m face with the hard decision of selecting between the black or the red Duesenberg.

What is a bridal portrait session:

A bridal portrait session is scheduled earlier than the wedding date with just the bride in her wedding dress. This is also a great time most brides try out their hair and make up artists. This session can last up to 1.5hr and it’s solely focused on capturing the beautiful bride in her elegant wedding dress.

The importance of a bridal session:

Bridal sessions are extremely important and it’s becoming one of my favorite add ons. Lets face it on your wedding day there’s often not enough time to fully utilize the space and the experience can feel rushed depending on how timely the schedule is flowing. These bridal sessions are slowed down specifically to combat that feeling.

Deciding whether or not a bridal session is for you?

These sessions are great but remember there’s no pressure when making this decision. I will provide you a few reasons why other people consider or schedule bridal sessions.

Reasons to consider:

  • Dress rehearsal: It is at this particular session where you will be able to try on everything, so go for it! It’s not too often you can practice what it will feel like to have your photos taken in your wedding dress. Neither will too many opportunities arise before your wedding day to try out your hair and make up artists. At the bridal session you will be able to make any adjustment that you see fit before wedding day. Trust me the extra mental security you’ll have on your wedding day knowing that the professionals around you can deliver your look will all be worth it.
  • Practice posing: Very similar to your engagement session, your bridal session gives you a little more one on one time with your photographer. This helps with understanding their verbiage and posing tips. This will also help your photographer in knowing what’s your most flattering angles. So on wedding day you’ll be posing confidently.
  • It’s stress free: Let’s face it on your wedding day you don’t have a clue what emotions you will be experiencing. These random breakdowns or a bridal party member running behind cuts into your bridal portrait time. At the session you have a 1.5hr completely dedicated to you. This is great for getting those extra photos you may want to have around your home or to just send out.

Remember you only do this once and you want to make it count and stand the test of time. If you would like more information regarding our bridal portrait sessions just send us a email or give us a call.

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