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So thankful to photograph another genuine couple. Catrice and Anthony I’m grateful for the moments we made and captured! I look forward to photographing your big day next year!

It’s funny how connected we were before even speaking, simply put it was another God moment. Catrice and Anthony goes to the home church of the founding family of Talley and Twine Watch Company! I do majority of their content so to meet another extended Talley family as well as being your wedding photographer it just leaves me speechless. I know God is with us as we continue to make more of the right connections!

I encourage every couple to take advantage of our complimentary engagement session. It really does give us a time to connect and that’s really important to me. Having a genuine relationship with the people I work with is huge. It’s not about the money or the notoriety its about making the right connections and leaving a lasting impact on families that understand the mission.

Thank you Ryan Wynn for the recommendation and wonderful connection. If you are still in need of event planning or just need great guidance, speak to that brother. In all my years of doing photography I’ve never had a planner come to the engagement session. That quality speaks volumes to the type of businessman he is!

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