Man 2021 had so many fond memories. This being one of the biggest ones. Last year I had the opportunity to not just witness my line brother and childhood friend marry my other childhood friend (wrap your mind around that sentence) but I was the photographer as well. JB can do all things!

I was speechless throughout the entire day because I couldn’t stop seeing the high school version of you two. Who would’ve known out of everyone to marry Dominique and Eryck would say I do. There were some very vital moments that I remember leading to this day, just know the house on apple planted this seed.

Eryck my brother you have always been ahead of your time, I want to thank you for how you treat my sister. Not once did I ever feel she needed extra protection or I would have to pull you to the side and give you the “lovely big bro talk”. You have always made her light up in a way that shows her best self. You have been her safe haven and her protection.

Dominique my beautiful strong sister! I love you in so many ways. We have literally grown together and to witness you on your wedding day was something magical. You restored my brother and I thank you. You have reconnected him to God in a major way. I mean this brother is inviting me to bible study, mens meetings and Sunday services! This is what a relationship is suppose to look like. I thank you for the heart God placed in you, the strong foundation you come from and the overall intellect he has gifted you with.

You two are truly a balance and I just appreciate the example you both set on this day and each one following.

The Gala at 417, thank you for providing such a beautiful venue, nice staff and a phenomenal location. I highly recommend this venue to anyone still in the search!

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